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IPA Accredited Indoor Plant Hire Brisbane


Accreditation was achieved by IEQ Indoor Plans (Brisbane) in September 2019.  This accreditation from the Australian National Interior Plantscape Association (IPA) was for the eighth consecutive 2 year period.

We became IPA Accredited Indoor Plant Hire in 2006 and have successfully renewed this qualification every two years.  Accreditation Renewal is a formal process largely based on evidence of Continued Professional Development (CPD).

Accredited indoor plant hire Brisbane and Australia

IPA Logo for Accreditation

There are two logos, “IPA Accredited” and “IPA Logo”, make sure you look for the correct one.

To find out more about IPA Accreditation which is a fully transparent qualification, follow this link to the Association’s website Accreditation Page.

“You can learn much about the reputation, integrity, sustainability of an operation and the general quality of its management, products and customer service from its Accreditation status”.  Author Unknown.

NIPA Accredited indoor plant hire for Brisbane and Australian members.

Superseded Logo

We adhere to the “Maintenance Standards for Indoor Plants, Containers and Growing Media”, as published by the Association.

We purchase all stock from local NIASA Accredited nurseries.  These plants are grown especially for interior purposes and offices; they are totally bug-free and usually acclimatised for low light.

Note:  In February 2012 the Australian National Interior Plantscape Association (NIPA) rebranded and became The Interior Plantscape Association.  It now has new logos and a new website.

Note:  Action Indoor Plant Hire (Brisbane) rebranded to become IEQ Indoor Plants in July 2011.  Our Accreditation status remains the same.