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Best Indoor Plants Gallery

Best Indoor Plants (Office Plants) for Brisbane

IEQ Indoor Plants Gallery shows the best indoor plants for Brisbane offices.  Our gallery showcases about fifty (50) plants best suited to Brisbane interiors, work places, offices and restaurants.

Disclaimer – We hire all plants in this gallery subject to availability and season.  We will not recommend a plant if the lighting is insufficient.

During the design stage, we may recommend a mix of indoor office plants or chose mass planting (use of one species) to create a special effect.

Mass Planting is a simple design method to give an impact or larger wow.  Some office spaces call for this type of repetition.

This decision will depend on several factors:

  • An office has many micro environments
  • some plants will do better than others:
    • Some areas get full sun and some are in shade or rooms without natural light (low light plants),
    • Some are near air-conditioning and some near external doors
    • A balcony in the shade or in full sun
  • Some offices will take a large wide plants and some spaces tall narrow plants
  • Unfortunately (even in Brisbane) not all plants are always available, due to season or simply demand.
  • Some office staff have preferences about the type of plant, others simply leave it up to us and rely on our expertise
  • Architectural or tropical plants, we have both.

Our gallery showing the best indoor plants for Brisbane details which are the best plants suit your environment.  If the plant you had in mind is not listed it may not be the best indoor plant for Brisbane – but please ask us anyway.  Our staff can recommend the best indoor plants for your office.  They will consider available light, space and decor and above all your preferences.

Disclaimer – We hire all plants in this gallery subject to availability depending on demand and season.  We will not recommend a plant if the lighting is insufficient.

Low Light Plants and Low Water Plants

This gallery gives information on light and water requirements for plants.   Low light plants are required for some office locations.  Low water plants are required for some shallow planters.

Zanzibar Gem (Low Light Plant)

Probably the best indoor plant and the most popular is the Zanzibar Gem or ZZ Plant.  It is probably better than Yucca as it does not have spikes and “thrives on neglect”. The botanical name for the Zanzibar Gem is Zamioculcas  zamiifolia.  It is a beautiful plant from Zanzibar or Kenya, with waxy full gloss leaves and does not need much looking after.  A good low light plant.  For more information check out the Zanzibar Gem in the Wikipedia.

Tropical Exotics Nursery

Tropical Exotics nursery grows only the best indoor plants for Brisbane and other states.  It is a NIASA and EcoHort Accredited nursery following the Best Management Practice Guidelines advocated by these schemes and overseen by the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA).  Their website has some very good photos of indoor plants available in Queensland.  Check out Tropical Exotics indoor plants gallery.

Note: Indoor Plant Hire or Indoor Plant Rental, Office Plants, Interiorscaping, Interior Plantscape and Indoor Plantscaping are synonyms.