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About Mulches

IEQ Indoor Plants uses different toppings depending on the situation and the client’s requirements.  Unfortunately, like water, pebbles are not free, but unlike plants, they don’t need water!  We make sure the planter’s configuration is suitable for the type of topping.  For Example Use of Pebble Trays so that the planters are not full of pebbles – which are difficult to move.

There is a small charge to supply decorative mulches to cover the soil.  We also work with recycled materials such as rubber and recycled glass toppings.  Coconut fibre (coir) is a renewable resource and widely used as a topping.

Below are images of IEQ Indoor Plants’ the most commonly used pebbles, toppings, and recycled materials.

Not all planters require topping, therefore reducing the price.  For example:  in buildings of industrial or high-tech architecture and a suitable planter, the topping is unnecessary.  If you can see the pipes in the ceiling why not expose the planter functionality.  After all, a plant in a pot is really an artifice.

IEQ Indoor Plant Hire provides customers with a range of indoor plant decoration products including desk and pot plants as well as a variety of decorative pebbles.

Different decorative pebbles are used depending on the situation and client requirements.

Optional decorative mulches to cover the soil are also available from IEQ Indoor Plant Hire, and environmentally friendly recycled materials such as rubber and glass toppings are also used.

Commonly used decorative pebbles from IEQ Indoor Plants include:

  • Taupe pebbles
  • Black polished pebbles
  • Large white pebbles
  • White crushed pebbles.

For quality decorative pebbles, IEQ Indoor Plant Hire have the ideal solution.


These images of mulch developed by IEQ Indoor Plants are used by Inscape a New Zealand Indoor Plant Hire Company.  They can be found on their website at


An image of polished black pebbles.
Polished black pebbles are the most popular.
Recycled rubber blended colour.
Pine Bark. Natural renewable resource.
Coir (Coconut fibre). A natural renewable resource extracted from the husk of coconuts. It is a clean bacteria free product however it breaks down over time and should be renewed.
Designer Wood Chip. Light weight and suitable where small hands might be mischievous with pebbles. Dyed black with a vegetable dye.
Recycled glass
Recycled glass available in many colours.
Snow white pebbles. These tend to stain over time.
Grolife Eco Pebbles Sandstone. Durable, made from recycled plastic and very light weight.
Grolife Eco Pebbles White. Durable, made from recycled plastic and very light weight.
Cowra Pearl. One of the few pebbles from Australia. These come from Cowra NSW.
Recycled rubber mulch in terracotta.
Naturally preserved Lichen. This Reindeer "Moss" gives a soft green look.