A closeup of a beige coloured Urban Wedge with Zanzibar Gem with black pebbles.

Urban RangeRobust and Contemporary

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Gallery of Urban Planters

Wedges, Cubes, Troughs, Cones, and Cylinders

The range Urban planters sport a clean design that suits modern architecture.

These robust planters feature horticulturally sound sub-irrigation and are completely recyclable.

They can be positioned in high traffic areas without risk of damage, while more compact designs are suitable for office and desktop spaces.

Like all CottaPot products from The Container Connection in Brisbane, the Urban planters are:

  • VOC free (Eco Specified)
  • Sub-irrigated (water-wise)
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
  • Made in Australia and
  • Available in a multitude of designer colours.

The gallery of our work from Brisbane and Gold Coast shows Urban 8s and Urban 10s, but there is also: the Urban 4, the Urban 12, the Urban Partition Planter and the Urban Cabinet Liner.

The Urban Wedge is often used with the popular plant the Ficus Lyrata.

The Urban Planters Brisbane is a CottaPot product from The Container Connection.

Green Credentials

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Green Credentials

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Showing tan coloured Urban 8 troughs with Bamboo Palms.
Urban 8 troughs with Bamboo Palms. Sitting on cabinets, they can be seen from all over the office.
Showing Urban 10 Slimline Planters with Janet Craigs
Urban 10 - These are 1 metre long but only 32 cm wide. They sit nicely against any wall with using much corridor space.
Showing 6 magenta Urban Table Wedges side by side with Janet Craig plants
Urban Table Wedge - The Urban Table rban The Urban Table Wedge is normally a stand-alone unit, however in this case it was chosen to group them to build density for a Green Rating.
Showing mink coloured Urban Wedges in a reception area.
The colour is Mink and is very popular. It works well with taupe colour schemes. Mink and black look good together - hence the Black Polished Pebbles.
Showing a blue Urban wedge with Ficus lyrata
An example of an Urban Wedge. This plant receives a lot of hot Brisbane sun but there is enough water in the reservoir to sustain a large plant like a Ficus Lyrata for the full servicing period. The common name for the Ficus Lyrata is Fiddle-Leaf Fig.
Showing a Urban Wedge in poppy red with Spathiphyllum Sensation
Complementary colours - the red makes the green greener and the green makes the red redder.
Showing mustard coloured Urban 8 troughs on top of a cabinet with Zanzibar Gems
Using colour can make an unbelievable difference. Colour is an element designers use in their own offices to promote creativity - so why don't you?
Showing blue Urban 8 trough with Aglaonema
The Urban 8s like all CottaPots are sub-irrigated. This means you are not limited to low-water species.
Showing a poppy coloured Urban 10 trough with Zanzibar Gems
The Urban trough is slim and tall. It is available with wheels and can be used as a partition or to break up a blank wall.
Showing red, green, magenta and blue Urban 12 troughs holding Ficus & Kentia Palms
These large troughs hold 3 300mm plants. They are suitable for the floor or cabinet tops.
An image showing red and blue Urban 10 planters around a stage.
Urban 10's - Versatile and slim.
Showing Urban 10 troughs at King George Square Brisbane
Charcoal Urban 10 Planters at King George Square Brisbane with Evergreen Giant Liriopes. These planters are on heavy duty wheels so they can be moved inside at night.
Showing a large white Cabriolet trough with three Yucca plants.
These large Cabriolet troughs are suitable for inside or outside. This one holds 3 Yuccas
Showing a black Urban Wedge with Bamboo Palm
Another photo of the ever popular Urban wedge.
Showing a white Urban Cube with a Ficus lyrata.
Urban Cubes come in 3 heights, 40cm, 60cm and 80cm.
Showing two Urban partition troughs fixed to a narrow partition.
Urban Partition Troughs in white with coloured Thai Hybrid Aglaonemas.
Showing a mink Cabriolet Trough with Yucca Canes.
Cabriolet Trough with Yucca Canes.
Showing a white Cabriolet Single Planter with a Mother-in-law plant.
Cabriolet planters are available in troughs or singles.
Showing a white Urban Cube with a Happy Plant.
Urban Cube with a Dracaena Happy Plant.
Showing an Urban bowl in white with an arrangement including a Bromeliad.
This attractive bowl adds colour to any coffee table.
Showing a group of Cottapot Core colours chits
Cottapot Core colours chits
Showing Cottapot Extended Colours range chits including granite look alike.
Cottapot Extended Colours including granite look alike.
Showing about one hundred colours chits from the available range of colours.
The Urban and Queenslander ranges of planters are available in many colours, muted and bold.