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Collaboration is the answer

Indoor Plant Design Support

We believe in collaboration; “two heads are better than one”.  We will work with you and your vision until we arrive at a mutually satisfying solution.

Our Design Team can show you the latest trends in planters and plants.  We understand stainless steel, polymers, fibreglass, aluminium, ceramics.

We are not planter manufacturers, we are independent.

We have all sorts of solutions that will save you money.  For example – you don’t need to specify expensive stainless steel or galvanized liners we have ready-built inserts.

Have you thought about:

  • Number of plants, plant density, size of plants
  • Access to planters for easy maintenance, we try to avoid ladders
  • Light requirements and water needs.  How about a spotlight or two shining on the plants
  • Planter style and colour, square, round, tall, squat
  • Flexibility – many designers specify beautiful fixed planter boxes, but when the client moves in they need to change it.  Offices need to be flexible.

There is a myriad of decorative containers, tall and squat, in any colour, many finishes, wood grains – we can help you to decide what will work and be sensible for your budget and space.

We can show you samples of planters and plants, so there will be no surprises, you will know exactly what you are getting.

If you need custom-built planters, joinery planters or “built-in” planters, we can help.

Remember, the plant and the container will become furniture, sculpture or a decorative item that will complete your setting.  The Americans have a saying “it ain’t finished until the plants arrive”.

If you need a formal specification our Design Support Team can generate a formal document to allow review and approval of your requirements.

We often work with interior designers off the plan.  So – please don’t wait until the building is finished, the sooner you contact us the better.

Bespoke Planters

You design the aesthetics (outside) and we design the horticultural needs (inside).  There is more under the pebbles than you thought!

Please talk to us about Bespoke Planters, as we know the tricks that will minimize the complexity and potentially save you lots of money and pain.

Green Star

If you are seeking a Green Star Rating for Office Interiors, we can help.

Peter Dolley, one of the original founders of IEQ Indoor Plants,  was a “Green Star Accredited Professional” (back when Green Star started) and one of the National Interior Plantscape Association Members that worked on the GBCA Green Star plant specification (IEQ-15).  Note: IEQ-15 was in Version 1.1 and is now out of date.

The current version of the rating tool is Green Star – Interiors v1.2. This was released on 03/07/17.  It contains two documents that specify how points can be allocated for indoor plants: Visual Comfort and Indoor Pollutants.

It is possible to gain three points for indoor plants.