Showing a closeup of three black Cotta Vases.

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Cotta Pots – Vases and Troughs

The name CottaPot was invented because the original product looked like terracotta.  In fact, from a short distance, it was impossible to tell the difference.  Of course, now they are available in many designer colours.

Like all planters we use, we use a system for sub-irrigation (self-watering).  It means we only need to service the plants on a fortnightly basis, not weekly like in the past.

Like all CottaPot products from The Container Connection, the traditional range are:

  • VOC free (Eco Specified) Cone planters look good in an office setting.
  • Lightweight and durable (easy to move).
  • Guaranteed for 10 years (allows us to give a good price).
  • Made in Australia (not a cheap import) and
  • Available in a multitude of designer colours.

The traditional range includes a large array of sizes.

A typical office solution (to keep the cost down) is to have a couple of medium to large cones or wedges in the reception area and traditional vases in the back office.

The planters in reception should be stylish, however, in the back office, the plant is more important than the planter.

Green Credentials (Eco Doc)

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Green Credential from The Container Connection

Download Eco Doc here


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Showing two black Cotta Vases with Ficus Lyrata using co-co nut fibre as the mulch.
Trad Vase with Ficus Lyrata. Nicely understated.
Showing an orange Cotta Vases with a Strelezia and white pebbles.
Traditional Vase. This planter is using a bark-up-ring to allow pebbles to be used as a topping.
Showing a traditional Roman design in a square planter with a Ficus plant.
The Senator. Available in several sizes, sub-irrigated planter is ideal for a balcony.
Showing a traditional square planter. It is planted with a Zanzibar Gem and uses white pebbles as the topping.
Traditional Square. Similar to the Senator. Available in several sizes, sub-irrigated planter is ideal for a balcony.
Showing six traditional planters in six sizes.
Traditional Vase in many sizes and many colours.
Showing about one hundred colours chits from the available range of colours.
The Urban and Queenslander ranges of planters are available in many colours, muted and bold.