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Which Service Suits You?

Indoor plant hire services in this section include:

  • Long Term Hire and Maintenance (recommended)
  • Maintenance Only (you own the pots)
  • Short Term Hire (casual hire).

Long Term Hire and Maintenance

Technician at work

Plant Technician at work using a water trolley. These trolleys hold 100 litres of water and are whisper quiet.

“Long Term Hire and Maintenance”, involves the hiring of the pots and plants and a partaking in a regular maintenance service.

We own the planters and the plants.

IEQ Indoor Plant will help you make a suitable choice from a large selection of indoor plants and containers.

Plants that enhance, brighten and add value to your office or showroom.

All containers are new stock and the plants are fresh from the growing nursery and our professional staff are easily identified by their uniforms and identity card.

This regular servicing involves:

  • Ensuring the plants are healthy and in good condition
  • Replacing the plants if necessary
  • Maintaining the soil ph and moisture content
  • Watering (we prefer the customer does not water the plants)
  • Rotating the plants as requested
  • Trimming, dusting and glossing the leaves as necessary
  • Keeping the containers clean and in good condition.

Depending on the plant and location, our plants can go for up to 3 weeks without attendance.  This relies on a suitable container configuration and potting mix.

Maintenance Only

“Maintenance Only”, the client supplies the containers and we supply a regular maintenance service.

Some clients choose to purchase their own containers.  They may have a company standard design which includes a logo or in-situ custom containers or wish to purchase from a capital budget.

Short Term (Show Plants) Hire

Note: Please get your orders in early so you won’t be disappointed.  Requests a few days before the event cannot always be filled.

“Short Term” involves hire of the pots and plants for a day, a week or a month.  Typically we supply casual services (show plants) for:

  • School Functions
  • Ekka.

Compare our show plant product to others, we use:

  • Clean pots and
  • Fresh plants.

The short-term service involves:

  • Hire of pots and plants
  • Delivery and pickup
  • Set up if required
  • Servicing, if the hire is for more than a week.

Typically we use:

  • Kentia Palms for floor plants and
  • Aglaonema and Spathiphyllums for troughs
  • Not all plants are available for casual hire – so please ask.

We use standard CottaPots and troughs (Black or Terracotta) for casual hire.

Service Areas

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