A closeup of glossy Monstera Deliciosa leaves.

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who we are

Mission Statement – A small company believing in value for money, good service, looking after our staff and enjoying ourselves.

Our Mission Statement

“We are in the plant hire industry because we enjoy it,” say the Directors.  “Being passionate about plants, we turned a green hobby into a business, it was a natural progression”.

Their customers are the occupiers of buildings, offices, hotels, in fact anywhere people meet under a roof.  By providing indoor plants, they improve the Indoor Environment Quality thus making indoor spaces friendlier, healthier and more attractive to live and work.

The company name is IEQ Indoor Plants.  IEQ stands for Indoor Environment Quality – which says it all.

The Company employs smart people, who know their business.  IEQ can supply sensible solutions through a process of collaboration and trust.

Their plants (from specialist Indoor Plant Nurseries) look great in their quality planters, which are the latest styles, textures and colours.  All planters are sub-irrigated which benefits both the service staff and the plants.

They believe that good service has its own rewards.  Their service is such that the customers rarely complain.  The staff are chosen for their helpful selfless personalities and nothing is too much trouble.  Being a small company, they are flexible and offer quick response times.

IEQ Indoor Plants is a small company (based in Brisbane), where staff and management all work happily together.  There is no wall between the staff and management.

Fortnightly servicing means the staff and customers have a chance to regularly communicate issues or new requirements.

Their goals are based on client satisfaction not on a budget.  They believe happy clients increase their business by spreading the word and increasing the size of their account.


“We live in a society, not an economy”.

“Two heads are better than one and that collaboration is the answer”.

“People are the answer, clients and staff, we can’t do without either”.

Our Vision

Our vision is to run a company that is flexible and fun to work in, with loyal clients that spread our name by word of mouth.

We want to have a large percentage of long-term customers.  This will be a result of value for money good service and good customer/employee relationships.

We want to have long-term employees.  This will be a result of happy staff who enjoy their work and day to day challenges.

We want to be known by architects and designers as a company they can rely on.  Somewhere they can get good technical advice and collaborative solutions.


Jason Milton (Director)