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Invoice Payment Methods

Payment Options include; cheque, Direct Deposit

Payment in envelope. Line drawing of an envelopeCheque in the Mail

We accept payment by cheque mailed to our Head Office.

Many cheques carry the legal name and not the trading name so please help us by including your business name and the invoice number being paid.

Our Head Office address is on every invoice.

Payment by DD. The words Direct Deposit in a black box.Direct Deposit

We accept Direct Deposit payments from customers.   You can make a Direct Deposit (also known as “Money Transfer”, “Pay Anyone” etc.) from your Bank Account to our Bank Account and we will post the funds to your account.

Our bank details are on every invoice.

Please help us, by entering your business name in the Business Name field and the invoice number in the Description/Reference field.  Otherwise, it can be difficult identifying the business from where the money came.

We don’t need a remittance advice if the bank transaction includes the relevant information.  Unfortunately, many automated systems lack relevant details and this makes it very hard to match a payment to an invoice.