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Buy or Hire Indoor Plants

Buying Vs Hiring of Indoor Plants

See Definitions for Hire vs Rental.

The Benefits of Our Services

Buy or hire indoor plants, this article details the pro and cons.  Some companies believe it is less expensive to buy their own plants and pots and have the staff water them than it is to use an Indoor Plant Service.

We are specialists and this means the following benefits to you:

  • we know the latest fashions in planters
  • we know the best plants to use
  • our planters are configured for sub-irrigation
  • we know where to purchase at the best prices
  • we are efficient and keep labour to a minimum
  • we place indoor plants in your office – hastle free
  • we are flexible, we can increase or decrease the number of plants depending on your need
  • plant replacement is built into the price.

We Do the Work – this is what you need to do!

To purchase plants and then maintain them in good condition, please consider who will do the following:

  • decide where to place the plants (consider light and space) and how many?
  • find a supplier – preferably wholesale to save money?
  • choose suitable plants – shade loving plants for dark rooms, sun-loving for the northerly facing rooms, etc
  • find a plant supplier – will they deliver to the office without interrupting normal business or will you send someone to pick them up?
  • how much water, how often, will you allocate someone to water the plants or create a roster?
  • which pots – colour, style  ?
  • purchase pots, are they indoor pots or outdoors, there is a big difference.
  • find a pot supplier, preferably wholesale to save money?
  • check out pots – pick them up or organise delivery?
  • prepare plants in pots – are the plants the correct size for the pots?
  • who buys new plants? – when the old ones look tardy or die!
  • will you use pebbles, bark or nothing as the topping
  • Now, how much have you spent and don’t forget to include labour?
  • and who trims the plants and wipes of that annoying dust?

We at IEQ Indoor Plants are specialists and to keep our prices competitive we are very efficient.  So – let us do our business and you concentrate on yours.


All our plants are in planters configured for sub-irrigation.  The benefits of this watering method are:

  • Sub-irrigation supplies the correct amount of water for indoor plants
  • Each planter has a water reservoir that will last at least two weeks
  • on each service, it is very east to determine how much water to give
  • water logging (which can result is smelly soil) is prevented
  • the soil is left open and full of oxygen which is required by the roots.

Cost Justification of Hiring Indoor Plants

I have attempted to cost justify hiring against doing it yourself.  Download Cost Justification Spreadsheet

We service Brisbane, Caboolture, Gold Coast and Ipswich suburbs.

Note: Indoor Plant Hire, Interiorscaping and Indoor Plantscaping are synonyms.