Showing three Urban Wedge planters in orange with Happy Plants.

Installation PlanningOf Indoor Plants

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Indoor Plant Hire Installation

Installation Planning

We take installation seriously, on time, no mess and no surprises.

Installation is all about planning.  On a large job it may take many days and to have it done quickly will take many workers and other resources.

We understand the customer or interior designer may also be under pressure at this time and we try to be as flexible and as accommodating as possible.

An Image of a Gantt Chart which is used planning for a large project.

Gantt Chart for large projects.

We can prepare and document a full plan and schedule the work to your timelines.  Once you approve the plan, we work to it and you know what is happening and when it is happening.

For example: On a construction site there is nothing worse than everyone trying to use the service lifts at the same time.

Installation of indoor plants can involve:

  • lifts
  • service bays
  • trucks
  • trolleys
  • plants
  • pots
  • people
  • security passes
  • contact numbers
  • weekend work
  • deadlines, etc, etc.

It is better for everyone if this is planned.