Showing three Urban Cubes in IEQ colours of Green, Orange and Blue.

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Indoor Planters & Containers - Brisbane


IEQ Indoor Plants uses an extensive array of colourful indoor planters and containers.  They range from the most sophisticated architectural designs to very functional and economic industry standard planters.

Planters are made from stainless steel, fibreglass, modern plastics in designer colours or lightweight concrete for outdoor locations.  We will recommend planters that suit your purpose.

This gallery shows different planter styles and planters from various manufacturers.  We hope it helps you in your research for indoor planters.

Our planters are: lightweight, have small footprints, sub-irrigated, recyclable and some brands are Australian Made.

Our Full Range

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Showing two Hendra planters, one tall and one short.

The River City Range

Urban wedge planters in an office reception. Two floor standing and one on a desk.

Urban Range

Traditional Vase in black with a Spathiphyllum.

The Queenslander Range

Showing Tambour Cabinet Planters with white pebbles and a red background.

Tambour Planters

Timber planter box with Mother-in-law Tongue plants and white pebbles.

Bespoke Planters

Showing an Eco Green Wall with a mass of green.

Green Walls

Blue Urn with Cycad overlooking sea at Redcliffe

The Balcony Planters

Showing a Mondum Planter in white with four legs and holding a Yucca plant.