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Green Walls & Vertical Gardens

Economical Green Walls

Green Walls Brisbane :

  • Add a mass of greenery without using valuable floor space.
  • Make a relevant statement in this world which is facing climate change and
  • They look good.

All Green Walls benefit from good light, preferably natural light but if that is not available sufficient artificial light should be installed to ensure the wall always looks its best.

Eco Wall or Terrascreen

Green Walls are quickly becoming popular.  As Interior Plantscapers, we think this version called Eco Wall or TerraScreen Wall is a sensible choice.

It is easy to install and service and there is enough growing medium to support most plants regardless of their water requirements.

We fix it to your wall but it requires no plumbing and can easily be removed.

Schiavello Vertical Garden

The Schiavello Vertical Garden is a different style of Green Wall Frame Design, combining industrial sculpture with living plants. A Schiavello vertical garden is a space-efficient indoor green wall that improves well-being in living and work spaces.


Showing a green wall on a dark wall with all important lighting.
Eco Wall. Notice this installation has spot lights above the plants. This highlights the wall and helps support the greenery.
Showing 1.2 square metres of plants in a green wall.
This wall will look great in a week or two when the plants acclimatise, grow a bit and re-orient their leaves to the light.
Showing an Eco Green Wall with a mass of green.
An Eco Green Wall is mass of green and will add a stunning feature to any office.
Showing a Schiavello Vertical Garden. It is basically pot plants sitting in a specially built white wire frame.
Schiavello Vertical Garden. A clean simple solution for that modern office.
Showing a Schiavello Vertical Garden. It is planted with Pothos in white pots.
A Schiavello Vertical Garden planted with Pothos in white pots.
Showing a serviceman building an Eco Wall.
Eco Wall. This simple Eco Wall is being built in a lucky persons patio. wallseco
Showing a lush lots of plants in an Eco Green Wall.
Eco Green Wall. This wall is in Fortitude Valley.