Showing a Tambour Planter which sits on top of a Tambour Cabinet containg Zanzibar Gems.

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Commercial Indoor Plant Maintenance

Watering, Trimming & Replacing

All containers are new stock and the plants are fresh from the growing nursery and our professional staff are easily identified by their uniforms.

Showing a technician at work using a 100-litre water trolley with a hose.

This regular servicing involves:

  • Ensuring the plants are healthy and in good condition
  • Replacing the plants if necessary
  • Maintaining the soil ph and moisture content
  • Watering (it is best only trained plant technicians service the plants as they understand the plant’s water requirements)
  • Rotating the plants as requested
  • Trimming, dusting and glossing the leaves as necessary
  • Keeping the containers clean and in good condition.

Depending on the plant and location, our plants can go for up to 3 weeks without attendance.  This relies on a sub-irrigation and suitable potting mix.

Tips for Techs

For plant techs, it’s all about time. At least, sometimes it seems that way. Efficiency is the key to getting everything done in the amount of time you’re given.

This brochure (courtesy of NewPro Containers and the Interior Plantscape Association) is valuable as a discussion piece for Plant Service Technicians and also customers who wish to obtain an insight into the work required to service plants.

Download brochure Tips for Techs.