An image of people working on a deck under a canopy of plants. They look happy and relaxed. This is in Brisbane.

a green placeis a happy place

An image of a Monstera Deliciosa on a balcony in a high rise building in Brisbane.

Say a greener you!

IEQ Indoor Plants in Brisbane is a professional indoor plant hire company. Through collaboration, our interior plantscaping team will provide a stunning and healthier interior for your office or workplace in Brisbane or Greater Brisbane.

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) refers to the overall comfort of a building’s interior and the well-being of its occupants. Many factors contribute to IEQ, including the use of daylight, passive design, natural ventilation, air quality, and indoor plants.

Commercial Indoor Plant Hire

At IEQ Indoor Plant Hire in Brisbane, we believe in a collaborative approach between our people and yours. Whether you are a Brisbane designer, an architect or a business owner, we will happily pass on our knowledge.  We believe that collaboration and teamwork is the answer to all successful projects.

We have been supplying office plant hire to Brisbane and surrounding shires for over 35 years.  We follow the IPA set of Maintenance Standards for plants and potting media.

An image of Urban 10 Planters side by side creating a barrier planted with Dracaena Janet Craigs.

Green Design

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Showing red, green, magenta and blue Urban 12 troughs holding Ficus & Kentia Palms

Indoor Plant Installation

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An image of our service staff maintaining the plants in a custom built planter.

Indoor Plant Maintenance

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commercial indoor plant hire

Plant Hire Projects

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the benefits of office plants

Interior Plantscaping will:

  • Improve your corporate image
  • Increase staff wellness
  • Reduce employee downtime
  • Boost staff comfort levels
  • Attract and retain selective employees and
  • Add colour & style to your space.

We supply the best indoor plants and service to Greater Brisbane.

An image of a young woman relaxing in a bean bag in front of small leaf fig trees.

Luxury Hotel Plant Hire Gold Coast

Indoor plant hire by IEQ, supplies and services plants to high-end luxury hotels.

IEQ Indoor Plant Hire provides consultation and design services for both large chain luxury hotels.

Effective planting tips include:

Tiering effect Underplanting.....
commercial indoor plant hire
Commercial Indoor Plant Hire
Hotel Indoor Plant Hire

Indoor Plants & Planters

IEQ Indoor Plant Hire, a Brisbane company, uses an extensive array of the best indoor plants, the latest colourful containers, planters and planter boxes for indoors, offices and balconies. We also have a range of mulch including pebbles and designer bark to finish your interior plantscape styling.

If you are designing your own bespoke planters, speak to us first,  we can help and save you money. ..

Showing lush plants in huge planters

Best Low Light Indoor Plants

commercial indoor plant hire


Green Wall in NSW Government Department Office

Green Walls

A simple closeup of polished black pebbles.