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Gallery of Tambour Planters


Tambour Planter is the common name for metal planters that sit on top of Tambour Cabinets.

They have proven very popular with Interior Designers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

They are:

  • Made especially for the cabinets on which they sit,  matching in colours, materials and dimensions.
  • Elevated off the floor, so seen from all over the office.
  • The correct height for workstations and partitions.
  • A way of introducing plants without using valuable floor space.
  • Easily located end to end and when mass planted give a stunning effect and
  • Portable and easily moved from cabinet to cabinet.

We service Tambour Planters Brisbane, Caboolture and Robina at the Gold Coast.

Tambour Planter – A Definition:

Late 15th century: from French tambour ‘drum’.

  1. A small drum or
  2. Circular frame for holding fabric taut while being embroidered.

Hence the drum on which the door rolls.

A Variable Product

There are many manufacturers making Tambour type cabinet planter boxes, these include:

Tambour Planters vary in several ways:

  • Planter height
  • Hole diameter
  • Waterproof tray or not
  • Bark-up tray or not.

It is best we see the planters early in the project so we know what to expect.

We may need order plants in squat pots.  If they are not available we may re-pot the plants and then they will need time to recover.

We may need to order some type of waterproofing or water reservoir.


Tambour Cabinet Planters showing mass planted Sansevieria Robusta. This gives an impression of the wow from mass planting.
Tambour Cabinet Planters with Moonshine. Sansevieria Moonshine are a light green with silver on one surface.
Tambour Cabinet Planters with popular Zanzibar Gems. Tambour Cabinet Planters with popular Zanzibar Gems
Tambour Cabinet Planters with popular Zanzibar Gems Brisbane North. Stunning Zanzibar Gem is always popular.
Tambour Cabinet Planters with Zanzibar Gem. We find some Brisbane customers think these are artificial plants. Because they are so green and glossy.
White Tambour Cabinet Planters with Pebbles. Sansevieria Robusta is a popular plant in these planters. A vigorous grower to 30cm.