Showing two concrete Urn shaped planters with Cycas revoluta 'Cycad'

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Balcony Plant Hire

Harsh Microclimate

Balconies and courtyards in Brisbane offer a very harsh environment or microclimate.

The factors involved include:

  • Wind:  A 19th-floor balcony can be a very windy place.  It is probably best if the plants are not taller than the railing.
  • Sun:  The direction the balcony faces is very important:
    • North:  A Northerly facing balcony gets a lot of winter sun but is probably the best aspect.
    • East:  An Easterly facing balcony will get morning sun, which can be very hot in the summer.
    • West:  A Westerly facing balcony will get the afternoon sun and cook some plant species.
    • South:  A Southerly facing balcony is the worst, it gets no sun and plants really suffer.
  • Rain:  Some balconies let the rain in and others are totally sheltered.

Types of Balcony Planters for hire

Most indoor planters can be used on balconies but may need an overflow hole to prevent them from filling up with water from the rain.  Some people don’t like this because the planters overflow onto the tiles and may stain – but this is unavoidable.

Typically planters made for outside are made of Concrete, lightweight concrete (fibreglass composites), terrazzo or terracotta and need to be configured for sub-irrigation with an overflow in case of rain.


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Showing three Auchenflower 60 trough in bright orange.
Auchenflower Troughs. There are 10 in this range. They very from low to tall and short to long.
Showing three black wedge shaped planters with yucca plants on a balcony.
Three Yuccas on a balcony in black wedge planters. These are traditional and always popular.
Showing a sky blue Concrete Planter with a Strelitzia that never flowered.
Concrete Planter. Sub-irrigated with a Strelitzia.
Showing a light brown Concrete Planter with a Philo Red Wings.
Concrete Planter. Configured with sub-irrigation. This planter is only watered every two weeks.
Showing two Concrete Planters containing Philodendrons.
Concrete Planters with Philodendrons on a balcony.
Showing two Urn shaped planters in blue with two Cycads.
Mon-Komo Redcliffe. This display unit was serviced every two weeks.
Showing a sky blue concrete urn with a golden cane and the sea in the background.
Concrete Planter with a Golden Cane.
Showing a huge Diva Planter with a Kauri Pine in a courtyard.
Beautiful Kauri Pine in a stunning Diva Planter.
Showing a grey Duffel Planter with NZ Umbrella Tree beside a striped Chair.
Duffel Planter with NZ Umbrella Tree. Striped Chair.
Showing a black tall planter with Umbrella Tree.
Hendra Planter with Umbrella Tree.
Showing a balcony with a group of Duffel Planters.
Balcony with a group of Duffel Planters.
A balcony showing three Duffel Pots and the bow of a cruiser in the background.
Duffel Pots Port Side. Robust plants (newly planted) for a mostly South facing balcony.
Showing three black cube shaped planters in three different sizes.
Milton. There are 4 sizes in this range.
Showing a Newmarket 58 in concrete with a Bromeliad on balcony.
Newmarket 58 in concrete. Bromeliad on balcony with a harsh climate.
Showing a stone planter with a Golden Cane Palm on a balcony.
Concrete Stone Look. These are incredibly heavy. They have been configured for sub-irrigation.
A balcony showing a Terrazzo Cube Planter for hire in white with a Rhapis Palm.
Hire Terrazzo Cube Planters for your balcony with Rhapis Palm.
Three Terrazzo Cube Planters for hire on a balcony with a Zanadu, Rhapis Palm and a Dracaena Marginata.
Hire Terrazzo Cube Planters for balcony or courtyard
Showing a white Cube Terrazzo Planter for hire on a balcony with a Philodendron Zanadu.
Hire Terrazzo Cube Planters for balcony or courtyard with a Philodendron Zanadu.