Showing six white planters, cylindrical and cone shapes in six different sizes.

River City RangeSleek and Stylish

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Hire Ceramalite River City Planters

Ceramalite Wedges, Cubes, Troughs, Cones and Cylinders

We offer a full range of Fibreglass planters (glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)).  They are available in many styles, colours and many sizes from which to choose.

GRP plant containers are traditionally:

  • wedges,
  • squares,
  • troughs and
  • cones.

GRP is a very popular material for planter construction that has been around for many years.  It is tough, lightweight and the Gel Coat gives a stunning full gloss finish.

The disciplines enforced by the manufacturing of GRP products (which needs to use a mould), help to make sure the designs are clean and modern.

Although the standard colours are black, white and charcoal we can supply the containers in a full range of designer colours.

All planters used by IEQ Indoor Plants Brisbane use a sub-irrigation system which makes the plants thrive.

There are several methods to achieve self-watering or sub-irrigation, these are:

  • A specially manufactured liner or insert which is placed inside the container
  • Structure built-in to the planter.  This is the best method and very convenient and easy to use
  • A custom solution.

All the River City Range have:

  • A built-in sub-irrigation system
  • Pebble tray (this means the pebbles are only a few centimetres deep.  Pebbles can add significant weight and cost to an installation).

Decorative pots are available in several sizes:

  • Desk or Tabletop:  These take a plant in a 200mm growing pot.
  • Large – Medium floor:  These take a plant in a 300mm – 250mm growing pots.
  • Large – Medium Troughs:  These take plants 250mm – 200mm growing pots.
  • Hanging Baskets:  These take a 200mm growing pot.


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Showing three Auchenflower 60 trough in bright orange.
Auchenflower Troughs. There are 10 in this range. They very from low to tall and short to long.
Showing a Bondi 13 in yellow with a variegated Mother-in-law.
Bondi. This range is also available in mini planters. These are ideal for desks or where there is not much space. They are available in fabulous colours that can add the colour accent you require.
Showing a Bondi 24, a Hendra 30 and a Bondi 13, grouped and all in white
Bondi 24 Hendra 30 Bondi 13. This group of planters show how the different ranges can be mixed and matched.
Showing a white Bondi 43 with a spathiphyllum.
Bondi 43. There are 4 sizes in this range of stunning bowls.
Showing a Bulimba 22 planter with a small Ficuas Lyrata.
Bulimba. There are 5 sizes in this range including a desk planter.
Showing a Corinda 22 hanging planter with a Birds Nest fern.
Corinda 22 is a hanging planter. It holds a sensible sized plant and is very stable.
Showing a Graceville 40 in glossy black with an Aglaonema.
Graceville. This range is a range of traditional wedge shaped planters. These are 4 sizes in this range.
Showing two Hendra Planters in stunning gold.
The Hendra range has 4 sizes.
Showing two Hendra planters in Orange.
Hendra. This is a very popular range and these two planters make a feature, side by side.
Showing three Milton 16 cube planters in yellow, orange and light green.
Milton 16 planters. This range is also available in mini planters. These are ideal for desks or where there is not much space. They are available in fabulous that can add the colour accent you require.
Showing three black cube shaped planters in three different sizes.
Milton. There are 4 sizes in this range.
Showing a glossy charcoal Newmarket 115.
Newmarket. This planters shows of the Charcoal gloss finish.
Showing a Newmarket 58 in concrete with a Bromeliad on balcony.
Newmarket 58 in concrete. Bromeliad on balcony with a harsh climate.
Showing two planters, a Rosalie 52 and 70 in black.
Rosalie 52 and 70. There are 3 sizes in this range.
Showing a white Wilston 110 with a Dracaena.
Wilston 110. There are 4 sizes in the Wilson range. If you want height with a small foot print, these are the planters.
Showing about one hundred colours chits from the available range of colours.
The Urban and Queenslander ranges of planters are available in many colours, muted and bold.