Showing three Milton 16 cube planters in yellow, orange and light green.

Triple your bottom line with Indoor Plants

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) also produced a poster for ...
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Showing the lift controls t Portside Hamilton building.

Staff Elevator Speech

An elevator pitch, elevator speech, or elevator statement is a short su ...
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A birds eye view of five people sitting in a room surrounded by leaves.

Productivity Increase

"A number of studies have documented that plants can lower blood pressu ...
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Man hand holding a green young plant

How Humble Houseplants can Improve Your Health

The truth about indoor air quality and how plants really clear the ...
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Well-being Increase 47 Percent

Office plants can assist in boosting staff well-being by up to 47% accord ...
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Lean or Green Offices

From: AAP  September 01, 2014 1:44PM Is WORK getting you down? Feel ...
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Indoor Environment Quality

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) refers to the overall comfort of a build ...
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An image of a young woman relaxing in a bean bag in front of small leaf fig trees.

Benefits of Indoor Plants

The benefits of indoor plants through a professional interior plantscaper ...
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The building of Agricultural University of Norway.

Benefits of Office Plants

  Prof. Dr. Tøve Fjeld, Agricultural University of Norway, Ås ...
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Biophilia & Research – Benefits of Indoor Plants

Should a ‘work’ place be any different from the other spaces people i ...
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Plants in Schools and Classrooms

Interior Plantscape Association Representing Australia’s interior plants ...
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