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Gallery of Custom Planters in Brisbane

Design and Construction of Custom Planters

Custom planters Brisbane let you design the aesthetics (outside) and we design the horticultural needs (inside) of your custom planters.

There is more under the pebbles than you thought!

Please talk to us as we know the tricks that will minimise the cost and potentially save you lots of money and pain.


Custom Planters Brisbane - we can help you design your custome or insitu planters.

Custom Planter. We designed the internal. More below the pebbles than you think.

If you are designing custom planters, whether stand alone or in situ, have you considered:

  • watering method, did you know there are several methods? each with their own pros and cons.  We make sure the planter is suitable for the plants you want.
  • type of plant, do you want low water plants or any type of plant, what about when fashions change?
  • will your container rust or expand if wet? Remember plants use fertilizers which will corrode some meals.
  • how much topping should you allow, what sort of topping, do you want topping? Why do we use topping?
  • traps to avoid and
  • many more answers


  • the light requirements of the plants you imagine
  • will you need supplementary lighting
  • space requirements – how big will they grow.

These are some of the things that should be considered during design of custom planters.

You won’t regret calling us, we can make your problem go away.