Redcliffe Indoor Plant Hire (Qld)

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Indoor Plant Hire Redcliffe

Blue Urn with Cycad overlooking sea at Redcliffe

Goblet Urn with Cycad Revoluta using Water Tables.  This balcony is at Mon Kopmo Redcliffe.

Use a local business – IEQ Indoor Plants for Redcliffe indoor plant hire.  Redcliffe is largely a residential suburb of the Moreton Bay Regional Council in the north-east of the Redcliffe Peninsula.  It serves as the Central Business District for the Peninsula and its surrounding suburbs.  The council amalgamated with Pine Rivers Council and Caboolture Council to become Morton Bay Regional Council.

Mon Komo and 16 Prince Edward Parade are two of the major residential towers recently built.  Redcliffe has recently renovated and modernised the seaside forefront and central shopping area.

Balcony planters require special configuration for sub-irrigation if they are to do well.  Indoor plant hire Redcliffe, only uses sub-irrigated planters that allow the plants to have sufficient water between servicing.

We don’t mind if you get several quotes for your indoor plant hire, find other local businesses at Local Business Guide.

Three ceramic planters with Golden Canes overlooking the sea at Redcliffe

Three Golden Canes in ceramic planters Prince Edward Parade Redcliffe

These three planters at 16 Prince Edward needed to stand up to full sun and harsh sea breezes.  As you can see they did well.





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