Showing Zanzibar Gems in white Tambour Planter with cream pebbles.
Showing Tambour Cabinet Planters with white pebbles and a red background.
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Tambour Planters


Tambour Planters

Tambour Planter Boxes Caboolture

Indoor plant hire Caboolture, provided by IEQ Indoor Plants.
Tambour Planters Caboolture, showing Sansevieria Robusta giving a clean “architectural” look.

These perforated planter boxes on top of tambour cabinets are very popular.  They are powder coated steel and made to match the cabinets and work stations.

In a modern office floor space maybe in short supply but with unused cabinet tops.

We have installed plants in this type of planter from Caboolture to Robina on the Gold Coast.

Typically we use low water plants in these planters, this includes about three species of Sansevieria and Zanzibar Gems and Dracaena Janet Craig.

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