Showing tan coloured Urban 10 Planters with Spathiphyllum Sensations.
An image of a technician at work using a 100 lite water trolley.
Showing four Urban 10 troughs in magenta containing Dracaena Janet Craig.
An image of 10 Urban Wedges and 30 Urban 8 troughs all in pineapple.
Showing 6 magenta Urban Table Wedges side by side with Janet Craig plants
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Urban Planter Installation

Large Installation of Urban Planters

Urban planters Brisbane, provided by IEQ Indoor Plants.

This installation of 1400 plants uses about 400 CottaPot Urban planters.  Urban Floor Wedges beside the windows, Urban 8 Troughs on top of cabinets, Urban 10 Troughs under the stairs and Desk Wedges to increase the plant density for Green Star points under IEQ-15.

All planters have built-in sub-irrigated and maintenance is very easy which means the cost of servicing is at a minimum.

Our client used a different theme colour on every floor and we were able to match the theme colours with the CottaPot planters.

We chose to mass plant.  Each style of planter on each floor has only one species of plant.

CottaPot Planters are:

  • Australian made and designed in Brendale
  • Eco Specified
  • Recyclable
  • available in a myriad of design colours
  • VOC free
  • lightweight and durable.
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